Ahmadinejad, you don’t even have a high school diploma in being human

Hello Doctor,

On this calm! happy! and victorious day!, I want to reveal some facts so that our enemies realize how ridiculous and preposterous their lies are.

Ahmadinejad, you are a symbol of honesty! and truthfulness!; this became clear during your last four year term of presidency.

Ahmadinejad, the day Mohammad-Reza Jalaeipour was arrested at the airport, he was trying to smuggle out national documents to sell to foreigners and to our enemies. This is the truth; the fact that he was trying to leave Iran to finish his studies and receive his Ph.D abroad is a lie.

Ahmadinejad, after the elections, Saeed Hajjarian would stand at the summit of power and would instruct people to start a “velvet” revolution, a “polka doted” revolution as a matter of fact. All his medical costs were paid for by foreign governments and he was cured overnight so that he could continue to help these foreign parties. Those who say that you arrested this ailing man without any valid evidence and that you had to admit him to a hospital due to his mistreatment is nothing more than a cheap lie.

Ahmadinejad, it’s a rumor and a great lie that Mousavi was the Prime Minister during the Iran-Iraq war and all of recorded footage of him is fake. Furthermore, Mr. Khamenei has never spoken well of him. Mousavi was a partner with the USA and many of the checks that he has received have been sent from Zionist banks.

Ahmadinejad, Khatami, a man who is opposes the law and the supreme leader altogether, was our so-called president for eight years; but of course this was his disguise. He was truly an anarchist sent from abroad. His companions, such as Abtahi, were all anti revolutionaries after Bahman 57.

Ahadinejad, the fact that your companions attacked the University of Terharan campus and killed and injured many students on the 18th of Tir in 1379 is nothing more than a lie. Now, ten years after the incident, it is clear that the parties responsible for the attack are the CIA and the MI6 with their sole purpose being to attain their egotistical objectives.

Ahmadinejad, it’s not true that my father never participated in any demonstrations and that; neither is the fact that he was only arrested for his writing while on a trip to Northern Iran.

Ahmadinejad, it’s not true that my father and his friend are being interrogated regularly and that his case is under investigation. I’m sure that they are in a five star hotel right now and the only reason why we have been unable to contact them is because they don’t want us to disturb their comfort there.

Ahmadinejad, nowadays, the quality of films produced in Hollywood has are so impeccable that foreign governments managed to produce the video clip of our beloved Neda abroad. From the other side of the world, these anarchists then stubbornly lowered the quality of the film to match the Iranian expectations and they used youtube to broadcast the clip. Fortunately, our gifted brothers in the Ministry of Communications have blocked youtube and have foiled the plots of these foreign anarchists and have stopped their conspiracies.

Ahmadinejad, the truth is that my sister, along with four of her friends forcefully entered a house that your companions were taking care of. It is a lie that four of your men broke into a home where a nineteen year old girl was alone; it nothing more than a shameful lie.

Ahmadinejad, it’s absolutely true that you serve prisoners with Shish-Kababs while they are seated on luxurious sofas. It is a definite lie that prisoners don’t have space to sit down and that they are forced to sleep standing up.

Ahmadinejad, according to confirmed reports and witnesses, your helicopters were spraying the trees and bushes in the streets with rosewater while three million people were busy protesting down in the streets. This is something that only a man as great as you would do.

Ahmadinejad, today, there is so much freedom in Iran that ordinary people can buy rebellious clothing and cause havoc. These days, the police force has made many sacrifices in order to ensure the public’s security. In fact, it has been witnessed that some policemen have such great love for their duty and their service to the people that they don’t have time to wear their uniform; they simply patrol the streets in regular clothing with no special weapons for defense. All they have is a simple wooden stick that they use to protect people with.

Today, which is the 18th of Tir, marks the day when many Iranian students were killed ten years ago. Despite all the Zionist advertisements encouraging people to pour into the streets, people have not appeared on the streets. They have shown that they have nothing against you. The police force has even been kind enough to use tear gas to help the people cry for those unfortunate students who died ten years ago on this day.

Today, you once again proved that you are truly sly and narcissistic. I will never forget how you told ten thousand people that you are like Imam Hossein. The more I think about this whole issue, the more I see that you are correct; but as usual, you have mixed up people again, just as you did by stealing President Mousavi’s green scarf and by stealing Karroubi’s slogan of “change” today. No, you are nothing like Imam Hossein; you have proved that you are nothing more than Yazid in this regime that you have created in my green Iran.

Ahmadinejad, it’s undoubtedly true that during this time, not only did you prove to have a Ph.D degree, but you also proved to have a post Ph.D degree in crime. It’s just too bad that you don’t even have a high school diploma in being human!

Perisan Poem

Do not praise. Ok I will not praise.

Do not walk. Ok I will not walk.
Do not say anything. Ok I stay silent.
Do not lecture. Ok I will not give speeches.
Do not seek understanding. Ok but how can you ask people to not understand understanding.
I can be dumb, I can be blind,I can be dear but  it is Impossible that for me to be foolish.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ali on July 18, 2009 at 7:38 am

    دوست عزيزم مهدي
    اميدوارم هر چه سريعتر پدر تو همه پدر ها و پسر ها آزاد بشند و به آعوش خانواده ها باز گردند


  2. کار بسیار جالب و در خور تقدیری ست این نوشتن به اکثر زبان های مهم دنیا. به یاری حق همه زندانیان در بند این سفاکان آزاد خواهند شد.


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