Proud Iranian – Hunger Strike Day 1

When president khatami came to the UN and talked about dialogue among civilizations I was a proud Iranian. I was proud to be from a Nation that aims to bring people regardless of their affiliation and nationality.

Years later, from the same platform, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came and addressed world leaders. While giving his speech, he was more focused on the hallow around him rather than delivering the message of the Iranian people. I was ashamed of having such a president.

Today again I’m a proud Iranian. Not because of what my father is doing, but I’m proud of all the Iranian Nation. The Naiton that my father Isa Saharkhiz, saeed Hajjarian, Mohammadreza jalaei pour a friend of mine and many many more have dedicated their lives to. Many people are on the list of prisoners that grows minute by minute. They’re not all politicians, journalists or writers, they’re not just the old generation or the new generation; they’re not young or old; they are the people of Iran.

My father dedicated his life to save this great nation. He lost a brother who was dear to his heart during the Iran-Iraq war. He is and always will be a dedicated journalist and politician. Today we are standing in front of the same UN building that my father spent four years away from his relatives and country giving and getting the News for the Iranian people. He fought for the freedom of speech and worked for the ministry of culture. He helped establish many many newspapers. He was himself the editor in chief of a newspaper that was shut down just like so many others.

Today we are all together for the efforts of such people. In prison or not they will never be silent. We will never be silent. We are all together and the world is watching.


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