We Will Not Forget – Hunger Strike Day 3

Today is the last day of our Hunger Strike, But it’s not the last day of Iranians’ movement. That last day is when all Iranians reach their rightful rights. Today we return home but we will never forget Neda’s last looks. We will remember the photo of Sohrab and his Mom sitting on the sidewalk while both carrying a green shawl and a picture of Mir Hossein Mousavi. And most important of all his mother’s tears at her son’s funeral after 26 days of sorrow and heart-breaks.

We will never forget those who are still in prison, writers, journalists or politicians. We won’t forget a soul be it my father’s generation or mine.
Even though you broke my father’s ribs, you can never break the ribs of this movement, it is as solid as rock!

We won’t forget the sound of those tyrants’ bullets shooting toward those seeking stones to defend themselves. We are not dust and dirt. We are the people of Iran. We are not the audience of a football match. We are the actors of a documentary for Liberal Iranians.

We won’t forget the peaceful protest which started from the election boxes and when it witnessed the closed paths it found its way to alleys and streets and lastly it reached Azadi Square. I know there will be a day when we will celebrate our freedom at Azadi Square.

It is not important whom this goverment choses fot its position. it is important that we never forget this government has not legitimacy.

We have a very hard path in front of us, one that can’t be crossed alone. Each of us has the responsibility to be a media. We have to spread the news of gatherings and protests to our fellow Iranians.

If we have any martyrs we should make their name eternal in every media. We are all together and the world is watching.


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