Principle & His Lovely Student

For better understanding the situation in Iran, it’s easier to look into a smaller society. Ahmadinejad said that his relationship with the leader, Khameneii, is like father and son.

Now if we imagine Ahmadinejad as a student in a school and the leader as the school’s principle the story will be like as the following:

One day a boy cheats on an exam at school, the teacher of the class sees him and shows him to the other teachers. The other students also know he’s not diligent. Before the teacher corrects the paper the news spreads that he’s got a full mark. This causes a commotion when the students were standing in line in the courtyard. Afraid of the commotion, the principle comes to the courtyard and tells the students that it’s true he likes that student more than others even the ones who’ve been working for the school for years. But a person who gets a full mark never cheats and that he’s one of the best students in the school and if anyone has a problem with that he’ll either expel him or he’ll lock him up in a place so no one can hear him.

The students who feel oppressed decide shouldn’t stay silent. They started reciting Quran at every lesson and they gather together to discuss what to do about the “good” student sitting quietly in the classroom with his friends taunting others and telling them to play football instead of rioting. All of the students, angry by this, gather in front of the principle’s office little did they know the office has been filled with cheaters, some even not belonging to the school carrying guns and starting to shoot the students. After a few students are killed, some of the teachers who’re on the principle’s side start to tell others that the shots had been fired by people outside the school. The students know this is a total lie so they still continue gathering at the principle’s office and still meeting with resistance and violence, sending some of the students to dungeons and treating them like animals. But the students are still standing and fighting for their rights each day more persistent. Meanwhile the “good” student grabs any opportunity to draw the attention to himself and ridicule the others, telling them they can’t do anything since he’s got a good friendship with the principle and that he’s like a father to him and he can do anything he likes. On the day of the rewarding ceremony when the “good” student wants to kiss the principle’s hand something hilarious happens, no one knows whether it’s because of the principle getting tired of the student or that the student sees himself in a higher place, but the student doesn’t kiss the hand and suffices to kissing his shoulder only.

In the meantime some of the best students, who were told what to say before and threatened to be thrown to the dungeons, are brought to the courtyard to speak. But the other students know about this and they know they’ve been told what to say.

Everybody knows they’re lying and since they’ve been to the dungeons they’ve even lost weight and they’re being told what to say. They’re true words are those they said before they were sent to the dungeons and tortured. The funny thing is 2 years ago one of the students told the others not to believe his words after he’s thrown in the dungeons.

But the students are not backing off because they should stand up for what they believe in and fight for their rights and they should make the teachers who’re backing the principle understand that this school filled with lies and deceit is going to close sooner or later and that they should join the students. The principle and his followers are shaking in a corner, realizing they don’t have a way out and that their time is over. The students want a principle whom they have chosen themselves sit in his rightful place, so each day they protest and shout slogans to the principle: “Be scared, be scared! We’re All together!”


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