I Confess I Am Proud

I confess

I confess that I am the son of a prisoner, my father is a prisoner.

I confess, that I am not ashamed that my father is in prison. And I am proud of him

I confess, my father is not a thief, he is not a murderer, he is not a looter or a rioter.

He is one of the “Dirt & Dust” and a friend of the “Dirt & Dust”.

I confess, that my father disrupted the comfortable sleep of some people, and gave them nightmares.

Those same people who filled their own pockets by stealing the nation’s wealth and left people in nightmares.

Those same people who filled their own pockets by stealing the nation’s wealth and left people in nightmares.

Those same people who filled their own pockets by stealing the nation’s wealth and left people in nightmares.

I confess, my father is famous for his honesty. And I confess, his bravery has made life harder for the cowards in power in our time.

I confess, they kidnapped my father And broke his ribs.

I confess, they did not even take him to a hospital, and instead took him to solitary confinement.

I confess, that my father was denied the right to an attorney.

He was not even allowed to phone his daughter on Father’s Day.

I confess, that for weeks we had no word from him and even on my mother’s birthday we did not receive any news.

I confess,  that my mother spent her wedding anniversary in loneliness.

And I confess that this year, my father could not visit my martyred uncle’s grave because he was in jail.

I confess, Isa Saharkhiz is a soldier of war and a brother of a martyr.

I confess, he did not use his positions to gain money or power in this regime.

I confess, he has worked hard for years. either when he was an official in the Ministry of Culture or when he was the head of the news department in Islamic Republic News Agency or even when he was working for the IRNA office in the United Nations

I confess, my father works in a country where the representative of the judiciary system bit him!

I confess, in my country the person who bites gets a promotion and later becomes the head of the Intelligent Ministry

I confess, the wolves that are running the country now don’t even think the person who bites is rough enough so they put him aside and fire him.

I confess my dad’s greatest crime is being innocent.

I confess He is guilty of speaking justly.

I confess he has already expressed his views and beliefs before he was kidnapped and whatever they have him confess is a pure lie and not his opinion.

I confess , I am proud of having a father like him.

I confess that I wish maybe someday I can be just a little like him. That would be the greatest achievement of my life.

I confess, my dad and his friends were not only detained but tortured.

We confess, that we voted and they stole our votes.

We confess, that this was not an election, it was coup d’ etat.

We confess, n ocourt was assembled and what was shown on State TV was nothing but a movie of big lies.

We confess, that our brothers and sisters were not only tortured but they were raped in the worst possible way

We confess, Kahrizak was not a jail it was a place for torture and Rape.

We confess, Those who are running the country are far from being human.

We confess, that we are fighting together for our rights and we will not step down.

We confess, that the government is scared of us who are not afraid and standing together.

We confess, until our last drop of blood, we will fight for our absolute right to a free Iran

We confess, we believe in victory and getting back what is rightly ours

Chanting: “political prisoners must be freed”


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