Is this not violating people’s rights?

Many have not accepted the violations made and have turned a blind eye on the current events.

If we look back at the events that took place in the past two months we can see all kinds of violations made. The first one was made on the Election Day when they violated the people’s rights and after that it all took place in the streets. The Constitution clearly states all gathering van be made freely. It was in these past gatherings that we witnessed a breach of the people rights and of the Iranian Constitution.

Is giving permission to kill people not a violation? Has Basiji member not violated a woman’s right when slapping her in the face? Or when another member shoots towards the Iranian people? Is shooting straight at my fellow country-man’s heart not violating to his/her right?

What is a violation? Is taking away other people’s rights and oppressing them not the biggest violation of all? During these past two months all of the Iranian people’s rights have been violated. They violated the rights of Veterans (who fought for 8 years during the Iran-Iraq war) when they threw tear gases towards their veteran friends. They also violated the rights of martyrs when beating their families with batons at Behesht Zahra. Martyrs and Veterans also suffer from all the violations and are in support of the people. The same people who were next to the Veterans of war. The old and the young went to the Friday prayers so they could bleed in the place they pray. Is this not a violation?

When someone thinks he is above religion, has he not sinned? Someone who thinks of himself ahead of prophets and a person who has no respect for them isn’t he the person who has no knowledge of religion. Are these not violations to Islam.

Is arresting someone, taking off his/her clothes and then pouring cold water on them not a kind of abuse and violation. Is lying to a mother that her son is alive for 26 days and the giving her his corpse not a violation to a mother’s love?

Is killing a human being without protection not a violation to human rights? Again, what is a violation? Are the politicians really that blind to have not seen all these violations.

We can also see violations on TV when some prisoners present themselves without a lawyer and none of them with their families. They show fake trials on TV without pointing out these upsetting facts. Also blaming people not present in the trials. How about putting prisoners in solitary confinements for a very long time? Is that not a violation? Is keeping someone in prison without a lawyer and not letting their families visit them for 45 days not a violation?

People witnessed undeniable inhuman actions during the past two months. If they can do these things in front of the people then just imagine what horrible things they’re doing when no one’s watching. The Events in the past 2 months are not only a violation to the people but also to humanity itself. This violation was to all of us because we are all together.


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