eyewitness account form #16azar in #iran for #iranelection

Am just coming back from Palestine Street in Tehran and its cross-road with Enghelab Ave. where Art University is located.
I was there in the pedestrian when University Students come out of University Chanting Death to Dictator and pouring into street. Some 500 had come out when sound of Bullets shot by small pistols heard. Everyone was shocked. I was wondering were these bullets are coming from.
Opposite to this University, there is a Govt. Bldg belonging to Ministry of Higher Education and from rooftop sound of Machine Guns was heard while there was some individual bullet shots. I my self had 20-30 meters distance with them when they were hit by some bullets. I can not confirm how many but some ppl were injured and I myself saw a young man on shoulders of his friends who was bleeding and shot in the head. I followed them to the Palestine Street when they took the injured students inside the Univ. campus. (And I am not a student to follow them inside) I don’t know about other incidents but I am sure in other parts of the Enghelab Ave. and Azadi Ave. the same situation can be seen.
The Police did not use the Teargas first or stopping the students by making a dam in front of them. As soon as they came out of University, shot them.
Isn’t it Crime Against Humanity!

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